Yoz Jar vs Pheons

" We don’t want to put Yoz Jar into the game because it sucks spending money and getting nothing. "

Please explain how this is any different than putting $70 into the game and pissing it away on 25 failed stones that have ZERO purpose of having pheons attached since they have a 1 time trade limit?

If you’re cool with that, you’re cool with the jar.


and those skins can be bought from the AH with 100% chance of obtaining them while stones cant be bought cut. :thinking:


Pheons make money, change my mind

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I also don’t understand why they care about what’s fair for other version when KR just pulled the shit they did.

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There is a difference. One is considered a lootbox mechanic while the other is RNG progression based. There are different rules for these two in some EU countries where lootboxes are banned.


Well its a good thing im not in the EU.

Also, there’s not a difference. Direct quote was " it’s terrible spending money to get nothing " and that’s what yoz jar was canned. So if that’s the case, what about buying pheons to fail stones and having nothing? Its the exact same thing.

Obviously not true.
Last time I checked ESO was still available in the EU, and that game is all about lootboxes.
What’s more they keep adding new of these boxes in weekly basis. Double standards?

Edit: go have a look

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Also this.

Again both Techtus and Sogeki have to admit to their ignorance about gaming :slight_smile:

Players from Belgium/Netherlands can’t buy Crown boxes since 2020 in ESO, but they can still play the game itself, and in case other countries come up with similar laws, they’ll just disable loot boxes in those countries as well.

Netherlands actually gave a green light on Lost Ark AFTER the game decided to not include Yoz Jar in the game. Until then - the game was banned in both Netherlands and Belgium. More countries in EU are taking up same laws against loot boxes now and all games including such boxes will be banned.

So… lets stick to facts - not fiction here.

Yet they still haven’t changed their policy and obviously ignoring both Netherlands and Belgium. No reason for AGS not doing the same thing.

If ZOS doesn’t care, AGS should neither.

AGS have clearly stated they are not ready to have different versions of the game in the same regions. Including South America and EU. Simply because the auction house AND ingame store work region-wide. Not country-wide.

Secondly - Games such as ESO were forced to change their original policies of having loot boxes in the game where such practices were not allowed. And AGS can not do that in EU/NA/SA version because they are only publishers of the game. Not developing the game. They can’t change the coding even if they wanted since the game is created by a Korean developer that created region-wide service for just one country to start with.

Card packs?

  • Card Packs can be gained ingame by playing and are therefor not ingame store only items.

  • Yoz Jar can ONLY be bought through ingame store and therefor falls under laws of loot boxes in some EU countries. Ofc this can be changed in EU/NA by allowing it to drop ingame. But the Korean players would go crazy since they did not have that feature. So SG will not accept that.


you literally gamble via card packs. In a literal sense. Honest, direct, definitive, ACTUAL textbook slot machine gambling.

Spend money = get random card.

If you wanna go “Yoz Jar banned in NL because of laws”, do it properly, mate. We have card packs in the shop for cash.

You know they cant read. Stop putting links. They get their news from youtube videos :rofl:

Card packs can be bought using cash or ingame currency using progression system. Same as pheon it also can be bought using cash or ingame currency using progression system.

Yoz jar can only be bought using cash. Yes you can buy it from market using gold, but to be able for someone selling it on the market that someone have to gamble first using cash

So there you have it. Two totally different things.

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Both are gambling. Both require real money.

They arent different. The difference is im spending the money, not you.

One can be bought using real money or in game currencies

One can only be gambled using real money. And for someone to be able to buy it using in game currencies, the seller need to gambled it first using real money

Totally different things on how to get them on the first place.

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Where do you think blue crystals come from?

Youre borrowing moms money to hit the slots. Which is exactly what the EU regulation set out to ban.

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You are not required to buy card packs in shop for cash. They drop ingame so they do not fall under lootbox laws. Lootbox laws restrict all items that are ONLY available through ingame store.

This is not about gambling. This is directly related to lootboxes and RNG based items that can only be gotten that way.