Yoz Jar was the only thing i was looking forwards to

As title says, If AGS would like to make it more f2p friendly like you say @Roxx then you should add a trade NPC that takes Golden cloth from dismantling the outfits and make it have all the outfit choices without the need to gamble for one.

I am not even a whale, im straight up F2P player and im quite disappointed by this, now i have nothing to really look forwards to


Removing Yoz Jar’s was the best decision they made to date.


it was literally THE ONLY THING you were looking forward to in this game?

If that is not a bullshit title, then what in the actual fuck? Go to a casino bro, at least you have a chance to win some of your money back.


The method is just a no-no. However, we can still hope that they “rework” if they still want to put it in-game, or find other ways for us to obtain the skins. I was kinda looking forward to the legendary skins too even if I’m f2p, but I am happy with this decision.

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Life must be quite bleak if this is the only thing you were looking forward to


it’s time boys and girls delete game and quit .

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You would be more dissapointed if they kept it in.
The heat on predatory games is quite fierce atm.
If they kept it it would be in serious risk of the game being banned in europe, then its just a ripple effect.


Yeah, I’m not sure how much I care about the power increase, I just don’t want to gamble to get a skin that I want. If the skin is $100 and I like the skin enough I will pay $100. Sick of loot boxes.

You’ll get Mokoko instead if that makes you feel a little bit better

you been commenting this everywhere, stop, its your personal opinion as this is my personal opinion too

I’ve yet to see someone prove the statement wrong and why bother coming up with something new for every single one of these same posts.

A useless Gacha system was removed from the game, it’s a good thing.

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My bet is they are going to give it back to us later mostly unchanged. Only reasonable F2P method is inferno, something most F2P can’t have. The skins were not and never will be easily attainable for F2P. They give out free stuff for those players.

Where did I get the opinion that Gacha Loot Box systems are bad?

Are you even serious? Why in the world would I need a streamer to tell me anything, let alone something as simple as that.

Show me 1 game where the Loot Box system makes the game better. Where it is fundamentally needed in the game to improve the player experience. It’s a money grab and the idea people defend it is why companies continue to make shitty games with Loot Box systems to suck you dry while you ask for more.

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i’m 100% your copy this from them tell you for good parson ignore them go play game and enjoy you self stop copy what the saying only care about $ this streamer don’t care about you or you opinion

I’ve not copied a thing from any Streamer. I’ve no idea who you’re even talking about.

If you are this upset you can’t gamble on Loot Boxes now go play Diablo Immortal to get you fix.

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ASG’s reasoning was quite dishonest. They are said to be worried because players are spending thousands of gold because they feel the need to get the Legendary skin’s 1% stat increase over the Epic.

I mean, you literally spend thousands of dollars in the in-game shop to buy significantly higher game advantages with gear. They really think the players are completely stupid.

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Agreed, the reasoning is PR and completely disingenuous

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this two up something ells , so you two think this game care about people more then about there money ?! is this true !!!

God no, they likely cut Yoz Jar’s over EU threatening to pass law’s to ban Loot Boxes along with the absolutely horrible reception Diablo Immortal released into.

It’s not about us, it’s about them making the decision to not go that direction. Up until now LA had pretty fair monetization, adding in a textbook designed predatory Gacha system right now would look bad, and as such they decided against it. AGS/SG aren’t happy to be losing that gamblers money either of that I am sure.

But you can’t release a statement saying that, so they used the minor DPS buff from skins along with the catch all “we are listening to feedback!” as a much nicer way to explain the siutation.

mark my word here the will released at 1 month later without change anything

only think the care about Bag my man