Yoz Jar was the only thing i was looking forwards to

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised homie.

My opinon comes from personally hating Gacha systems, I’ve played them a lot in the past and they just bleed it’s players dry with sunk cost and fomo. I’m not a rich man, but i’ve dumped well over 10 grand into Genshin, Ragnaok:Mobile, FFBE over like 2 years.

That is where my opinion comes from on this, not some streamer but seeing it first hand how for 99% of the player base it’s a predatory life sucking system that should never be allowed to exist. This isn’t specific to Lost Ark, but just in general.

You’ll always have your 1% whales who don’t care, or your Streamers who spend other peoples money for the content, but then there is the rest of the players. The easily addicted, the broke but still spenders, the to far to stop now… These are the real players in the game, and these are the ones who get sucked into these systems and can’t get back out.

That is why people call it predatory, it isn’t just a fun word to throw around.

i think the korean community will be very pissed off if we get a better Yoz jar than they do

honestly if they alter the way its originally supposed to be, that might cause a big issue in the korean community

Bro if that was the only thing you were looking forward to just go and take $500 to the casino instead lol. I guarantee that you will have more fun.

my man, you clearly did not read my post, i clearly state a f2p fix its not that hard

We wont dont worry. If we do they will get ton of compensation because similar issue happened where mishap cause mega whalesntonspend ton of money than couple weeks later better loot was released.

Reason for mishapnwas staff were overworked so instead of releasing nornmal and hard at the same time they released normal and hard 2weeks apart

this is a whole different story tho