Yoz's Jar. Are we getting it?

With artist’s release date nearing, I started to think about what skins we will be getting upon release in the west. One of my favourite artist skins ever was released along the other two in KR. However, the skin was a part of Yoz’s Jar.

This got me wondering, are we ever going to see Yoz’s Jar in the west? If not, are we not going to see skins which are a part of Yoz’s Jar in the west? @Roxx could we have any information about it? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I realized that this “issue” was addressed in June of 2022 (I wasn’t aware of this) and at the time Roxx said that they have no idea if they want to include Legendary skins from Yoz’s Jar into the game.

7 Months later, do you have any updates? Has this been brought up in conversation with AGS at all? It’s such a bummer we aren’t able to get some of these amazing skins.


Maybe to never

oh okay, thank u!

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But it’s NOT unfair that the Western version of Lost Ark will NEVER get these skins?

I think that NOT HAVING THESE SKINS is MORE unfair than how other regions are able to get these skins in comparison to the West.


I see your point but they never said NEVER (yet)
Anyhow I just linked Roxx’s post, I don’t wanna argue about legendary skins tbh I don’t even care about any of those lmao

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Well, they didn’t say we’re NEVER getting these skins, they said that they are looking for a way to distribute it without it feeling unfair.

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the can’t add Yoz’s Jar the will lose there f2p slaves in game .

AGS wants to include legendary skins… the problem is that they don’t want to include them like it is right now on Korea which is entirely a Gacha System (And Gachas/Loot Boxes on MMOs are illegal… atleast on Europe I think).

If they sell these skins in the shop Korean Players will be mad about it because many of them had to spent hundreds of dollars (equivalents to South Korean Won) to obtain their Legendary Skins while us we can just buy them directly from the shop.

So yeah, it’s complicated to find a solution for this problem.

Nobody wants the Yoz Jar

Everyone just wants the skins that are locked behind the Yoz Jar.

KR/RU got milked by a crappy system designed to take a cheap asset (a skin) and make it into a hundred/thousand dollar investment lol


without jar you can’t craft ALL OF THE PREVIOUS GEAR AS SKIN, t1, t2, t3, abyss gear etc

How do you make something that people with no self control over themselves or their money, that spend massive amounts of money on a gacha style skin system, feel like they’re not being scammed because a different version of the game can obtain them without it?

Again, it’s not the gambling gatcha machine you want, it’s the skins locked behind it.

It’s the developers decision where those T1/2/3 skins exist. They could be in the store, they could be rare drops from legion Raids to add some excitement to the loot pool, they could be quest rewards for horizontal activities or side events that get people out into the world more.

Instead, they are locked behind a Gatcha loot box system. That’s what I mean, you don’t care about Yoz, you care about the cheap assets they’ve locked behind it to entice overspending on skins.


i have this pink one on my RU artist , im so shammed about our community that complained about the yoz jars , they have lost the legendary skins .

i dont think we will get yoz zar or legendary skin obtainable option for now at least, maybe later when there is only bots lol, sames goes for esther weapon

They are not illegal in EU. I can play all the lootbox/gacha infected games that I want, its just some EU countries have a more strict regulation on them. However, recently the EU has been looking at a new bill which would impact all countries regarding the lootboxes and the whole gacha system, maybe outright banning them.

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First Lost Ark wasn’t going to come out in Belgium and the Netherlands, then on June 23, 2022 we got the June Team Update, stating that Yoz’s Jar wasn’t going to come out as planned.

Then on July 6 they made another post in which they stated that Lost Ark would finally be available in the Netherlands on July 14.

So tldr: We’re never getting Yoz’s Jar and that loot needs to be available somewhere else.

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idc if they put the gamba or not i’ll just buy the skins on the ah
i just want to the skins asap yes but they won’t find a way so better release it like others region

It is… on Belgium and Netherlands so yeah, they can’t put Yoz’s Jar unless they forbidden now players from Belgium and Netherlands to play the game.

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You cant take the first article you see on google and paste it in there. You have to actually look at the law. Lootboxes are still available, mobile games that are accessible in those countries are full of them. And its “paid” lootboxes, legislators can get around that, like I said, it is extremely regulated.

They could add the jar by having to farm specific game content and it wouldnt be a “paid” lootbox. If you can earn it in game it doesnt fall under the law