Yoz's Jar - Beware Bad Actors

Some people posting in support of Yoz’s Jar purchased large quantities of skins that could be dismantled for cloth.

Some of those people did so with the intent of reselling them to the rest of you at a higher price, screwing the rest of the playerbase.

Just be careful that some people posting in support of Yoz’s Jar have a financial incentive for doing so.


Totally agree. Big win for the F2PCHADS, big hit for the whales and RMTers. Thank you for raising awareness.

Do you mean what people have been doing ever since the Jar has been announced? What people do in any normal economy? xd

Apparently preparing for confirmed releases is a sin in these peoples minds. I guess people who purchased or hoarded lots of mats to raise Arcanists are also bad actors?