Yoz's Jar breakdown

tell me your argument against Yoz’s Jar, I for one don’t mind them and WANT them.

Arguments against the jar…
-loot box-
If you don’t like loot box gamba, then don’t gamba. Buy it with gold.
Whales are already whaling, this doesn’t change anything. The legendary skin has 1% more
dps then purple skins. Is that a big problem? cause theres lvl 10 Gems that gives 40% more
dps and they cost way more.

Most people say they dont want gambling RNG skin and sell for high profit, like everything in Lost ark is a gamble, honing, casino rocks, Moake star drop, Island souls, matchmaking party. its all a gamble. Whales already spend thousands to get where they are now before the jar even is out, whats wrong with adding it now?

In the end its just this, SKINS. thats it SKINS. we want cool skins, we want nice skins, we’re tired of looking the same as everyone else, we’ve been saying that since day 1. and now when cool skins comes out people cry cause of what? gamba? p2w? they already exist to a higher extreme then this. who cares. save up gold. buy the skin. skip the gamba. its not p2w cause theres other shit that gives you way more then 1% increase in dmg if you swipe hard enough.

-i quit lost ark- bye bye


No not more of these

o7 cya

If your quitting over a Gacha Loot Box mechanic not being released you should go play Diablo Immortal or Genshin Impact anyway, it’s more your speed.


im not quiting over gacha loot box mechanic, im quiting over them not releasing skins, what if its ur summer bikini sex skin and they say nah fam no.
im not gonna gacha gamba high roll the skins, im straight up buying it with gold, let other ppl gamba idc i just want the paladin skin

At least honing have a pity system.
You can’t buy star drop, island souls. Matchmaking ? Wtf ?

Yes there are already gambling stuff ingame. But it’s not an excuse for add more of this ingame.
One less is the game is still a victory, a little one but still a victory.


its not a victory because we are not getting legendary costumes now

and theres no more lootbox systems coming cuz we already know how the game looks and what systems we are missing

Bro if you dont like to gamble and gacha lootbox then dont, you know you can just buy the skins right? let other people do the dirty work, let the whales do it

Just wondering, how much gold do you think you would have to spend to get the one you want?

l e g i s l a t i o n

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around 150k-200k gold on release, i already saved 200k since yoz got announced, and i only paid for early access

That’s cute. They were probably going to end up being much more than that. Especially in launch

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I still see everyones argument going “gacha lootbox pepega” bro let the whales do the gacha lootbox, watch asmongold spend thousand on it, then the rest of us just buy it in marketplace. buying the skin from marketplace = gacha gambling lootbox addict?

No point in arguing. You already lost this one, the decision was made.

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yeah its called i lost ark no ones gonna be winning this. im out have fun hope jeff bettlejuice treat you well

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I get where you’re coming from, but in the end the only way to start that ball rolling is from people gambling on Loot Boxes to begin with, know what I mean? So you get the Whales and the foolish throwing away money in order to provide these skins for you to buy with gold.

Since that is, in fact, loot box gambling which right now with EU threatening Anti-LootBox laws, Diablo Immortal released to huge criticism from it’s player base for predatory mechanics and probably a lot of red tape in some countries where this pushes LA past the line for them the system was removed in the West.

I understand your point, someone has to supply the loot box gacha for the rest to not loot box gacha, but if you can get the box+fabric with blue gems, dont you think people can do it overtime without spending real money?

If you don’t like [[insert predatory product]], don’t buy it.

So the seller has no obligation to abide by any standards? We shouldn’t complain when we think a product is predatory to the userbase and damaging to the longevity of the game because we don’t have to buy it?

People don’t like it on principle, so they complained. That’s really all there is to it. Put it in for a fixed price = way less people complain because no gambling and it’s cheaper for F2P.


The problem is not the whales, it’s the other people who will RMT and increase the bot amount (cuz more people will want to RMT) thats the whole problem with NA we can’t have anything good cuz people feel “forced” to rmt

Also, you won’t be missed not even your parents miss you brother

But you can’t? (I am no expert in KR/RU am I wrong about this?)

As far as I am aware from what I’ve seen in KR/RU you can only get Cloth with RC or from dismantling skins bought from the market (which got there from RC). You don’t farm the cloth from running your daily content or buy them with Gold → BC that moves the bar from something F2P friendly into Cash Money gambling for these skins, which is likely where it crosses some laws in places.

Outside of this they give you a freebie roll every week, or month? That freebie roll is literally designed to entice those not willing to spend to get into spending. It isn’t a reward for the player, it’s a sleezy tactic.