Yoz's Jar breakdown

ummm did i read this right or did AGS remove the skins from yors jar ??? or we not getting yors jar i nthis update ?

thats kinda true but the argument people had was “p2w” not simply rng yet the game is built around p2w systems.

idc if they remove the jar or not but its really dumb to complain about the jar when people can spend thousands of dollars through royal crystals to make millions of gold and rush to 1490 with 5x3 engravings and legendary gems.

if were talking about which is more p2w, the option to buy gold is infinitely more effective then a like 2% dmg increase from an outfit.

this doesnt even cover the esther weapon (likely to be called siderial weapon in our version), which cost 25-30k usd for a slightly better version of a +25 ancient grade weapon (with 100% quality and a bonus power)

when you compare things like the jar to the esther weapons or the royal crystal exchange, its just odd that THIS was the thing people complained about.

The Yoz Jar gacha system will not be implemented, it was pulled. The skins are still up in the air as to how or if they are making it into the game.

THANK GOD FCK YES !!! finally AGS listened. It made no fkcing sense to put these skins and lock it behind a rng paywall Absolute fcking brainless notion. AGS knows we want skin, put it in cash shop to buy with RC, $50 i dont care, people who want to buy will pay up, people who cant buy for $50 bucks wait till i sell it for 300k gold. i love this idea !!! we have enough fcking rng that already ruined this game, dont need anymore RNG !!!

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I leave it to you to go thread to thread and tell everyone else this, I’ve been dying on this hill all day trying to get it across to people that a Gacha RNG loot box system did nothing good for the game :smiley:

the only morons that are ok with the rng system for these skins and they are ok to buy with gold are the ones that rmted gold and haven’t been banned yet. Obviously they dont care how much these skins would sell for in the market because they would cough up any gold to buy these skins straight up. AGS did the right thing this time. Much respect for them.

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There have been plenty of threads discussing why. No point in starting a new one so the same discussion is repeated in a loop.

Also, the decision was already made. They have reversed course on things before but this one is unlikely considering the timing.

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Bye, see you tomorrow

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so u quit cuz u cant change the appareance of your character? ok, please quit, one less of those people to make these kind of posts

Edit: that u even cry to get attention and make a huge post before leaving a game that u wont even care about anymore, just says everything, these people hahah

You are wrong. They are buyable with blue in kr/ru. So many whiners don’t even check