Yoz's Jar is bad?

Can’t wait for the reaction to Esther weapons :crossed_swords:

Forum is gonna burn down

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yes it’s so bad man.

Apparently it gives a “2%” dmg boost.

Goddamn whales are already 50-80% damage over us casuals but that 2%!!!

TOO MUCH! It’s where they draw the line!


what is this esther weapon? you buy it with royal crystal or blue crystal?

You craft with with 500k gold or something like that. TL/DR it’s pretty expensive.

Just forget it. Its not like you can achieve in 2 year.
BTW its 500k in korea. The price will be different here.
If I know it right you can get these materials from the final gate of Kakul Saydon and Brelshaza legion raid.

But really. Dont even bother yourself for getting Esther weapon. You wont get it, I wont get it.
Around only 20 player have it in Korea.

500k for one item… You need like ~ 100 of those :rofl:

You can’t get them anyways if you can’t clear abelshrud xD

remember that 500k per stone and 96 needed total is what is needed, but that’s only in KR, the gold inflation over there is massive, over here people probably will sell for a few million bc of rmt, I’m suspecting at least 10 million or so.

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Except you don’t need esther unless you want to flex

You don’t need legendary skin either

esther weapon is CEO weapon

Yeah basically the test run of a full +7 esther weapon raid vs Vykas hard. It took them less than 30sec, if I remember correctly, to get Vykas to 1 HP. They then had to do all her mechanics to finish the raid because she wouldn’t die lol. It’s like an uber-whale weapon with less than 1% drop rate from Brelshaza hard and maybe Kakul. That weapon will drive meta-fanatics insane.

Since we don’t have a lot of skins and a lot of people asking for them, yes you do need skins

Nice try, no you dont.

No, you don’t, I do.

Sounds like that’s the time to RMT hard

that’s because there’s no rmt and bot in korea
i predict thousand of whales will have it on our version

it’s an overall bad design, loot boxes in general are a terrible design. and the worst thing about this is it seems that they are skipping out on season 1 legendary avatars

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Didn’t you hear, they said it wasn’t bad. We love predatory monetization which includes lootboxes!

insert laundry list of excuses as to why it’s not a big deal here

I don’t think all classes have season 1 legendary skins. I could be wrong but sorc is probably missing.

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