Yozs Jar - Outright purchase?

The expected cost for the full legendary set is around $700

If AGS decides to release this in the shop as outright purchase, what should its price be? That is, the price that is not going to piss off other regions

I am looking at around $150 for the full set to be a reasonable price (which is still around 1/5 of what other regions pay for)

Any thoughts?

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It should be $500 because that’s the calculation done on the average cost of getting the full set based on the RNG.

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I heard it was $750 haha, maybe incorrect info that Ive got

If AGS prices it $500-700, then clearly they are out for blood. What day and age are we living in where $500-700 is justified for some pixel costume?

If AGS is being reasonable, I would assume they’ll sell it for 5500 or 12000 royal crystals at most.


That is how much it actually costs though through RNG…

I doubt they will sell those skin on the shop for a fixed price tbh :x

I also suggest 500-750 and only in royal crystals. No market or blue crystals.

Indeed what u said trough RNG meaning some people out there got the skins for min price of buying jar … It can be as low as mind prices or as high as 700 … Its a gambling slot machine u pull the lever and what happens happens …

The skin should be 50 to 70 euro in shop since our region has less stuff than other regions anyways

In my opinion 70 for any skin is already too much they can do some bundles that go into 100s or make a ultimate arkpass that costs more and has the skin …

We live in a day when people are completely free to decide for themselves what they spend their money on.

Do remember though, the 500-700 isnt a number that I pulled out of my ass. it is litterally the average cost per legendary set that sg charged their players

The point I am making is our version would be paying 1/10 of what everyone else paid in the other regions if they put it up in the store ar 50-60 dollars.

I honestly believe it needs to be at least 130 dollars to minimize the push back from the other regions

The thing is ppl wont buy it for the ammounts u suggest… Simple reason being they see the price tag before buying … Thats why gambling is gambling you go in with the odds to get it and end up spending more than its worth

Just one more pull…

There might be ppl who buy for sure every game has those but lets be real it wont look good if they add a skin for 200$ … This will enrage the community even more

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Remove the RNG and let me choose the part I need… As for the price $20 / materials is reasonable and you need to collect 5 of them so in total $100 that’s my honest feedback… as long as it’s not RNG

I would be up to pay 100 if it was a bundle in which u would get other stuff or royal crystals make something similar to path of exile supporter packs … I bet ppl will buy those a lot


Like it or not, RNG boxes add a new layer of rarity to such products. Part of the reasons why people spend money on them is the exclusive character these skins have by having this difficulty to acquire.

Remove said exclusivity and it loses every single reason to be legendary or “Valuable” as it would be everyone using it.

They better add a different way to acquire them that can conserve such exclusivity value.

Lots of good feedback here. Seems like around $120 is the most reasonable price?

Ye 120 would be fine for a good quality skin

It’s a game yes. You don’t even need to spend money to get those skins via Jar or whatever they come with lol.

The point is, flat price literally diminishes the value of the item itself. I promise you dropping them on regular prices would have posts here about:

“Thanks AGS, you killed the uniqueness of legendary skins”

They must find a way to conserve the value of them. IE, 1 single ticket per account on getting all the ignea tokens to exchange for a legendary set.

Selling them for 500 would have ppl making othe kinds of posts

CS:GO 100.000$ USD for a pixel knife :rofl:

No way AGS will release anything to do with Yozs Jar in current state.