Yoz's Jar potential changes?

Guys. I know AGS has had a LOT of fuck ups. However, the recent post stated that they were addressing players’ concerns related to monetization. Maybe they will make Yoz’s jar less p2w o.o.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: (tbh I wasn’t gonna buy it anyway but I like seeing feedback get actioned upon.)

Yea I doubt that. I really can’t wait to see what kinda crap this team update will have in it. “We are sorry for piss poor comms and promise to do better.” If it is anything like that then they/we may as well pack it up.

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Fair enough, I’m hoping for actual change too, rather than repeated corporate fluff.

They need to just sell the cosmetics directly in the store without a gambling mechanic. No one is going to complain about it if they go that route plus they will have people buying it. I would say they could even get away with making it $40-$50 for legendary skin packs.

Based on their track record, they will change the recycle rate of cloth to 1 item for 2 cloth.

the “monetization” bit on the last post probably refers to that ooposie they did with the punika pack.


oh i forgot about that :joy:

If they do anything to change that, which I would gladly take but highly doubt, it will be just to prevent yet another massive backlash from their players after the bot fiasco that took them 4 months to get a decent and apparently working fix.