Yoz's Jar removal is an amazing win, thank you team

Recent events like the big banwave against bots and the decision to remove Yoz’s Jar lootbox system from the game restored the humanity of AGS for me, and they have earned my respect and appreciation for these efforts.

I’ve been a big critic of this game’s designs and management from early on, and it only seemed to be getting worse and worse… Never did I imagine AGS protecting its player base from loot boxes (aka the video game cancer). An actual ethical decision?? I’m impressed…

Considering other versions of this game has that feature already implemented, I’d have to conclude that it was AGS who suggested to remove the system from the Western version. Many people think that AGS is the bad guy blocking good ol’ Smilegate from showering the players with goodies, but I don’t think that’s true at all. Thank you AGS for reconsidering this system, and thank you Smilegate for going along with it. It’s unfortunate that gambling systems have gotten so widely accepted in other markets, but thank god it’s still being scrutinized here. It is a truly horrendous system, and I’m sorry for those too far gone to see it.

Of course, I could be eating my words later if they decide to come out with even more predatory systems in the future… but until then, consider my good will for AGS restored. This kind of systematic decisions are WAAAY more important than decisions regarding class or skin release schedules. Those don’t matter long term, and this is a long term game.

In conclusion, good job team!!!


Horrible decision to remove them with no word on replacement.

Even worse to use it as an excuse delay update for 2 weeks with only thing changed as removal.

I dont care if its jar or not but ags/sg’s support of our version is poor. We wont see the skins for years.

They showed you all that with drip feeding classes/skins.


Best decide they made for the game to date.


Agreed with the thread author.

Watch for the crying zoomers flooding in to let you know just how inconvenienced they are by not getting their predatory GACHA feature.


No, it’s a good decision to remove the jars, but bad decision on their part where they didnt give a hint what they are gonna do with jars. Like remove jars and simply sell the skins directly or make it some kind of pity system on the jar? who knows. I wish they at least have an idea presented to us on going forward what they planning with it.


Exactly as you said, the people here that are saying this is a ‘‘win’’ are thinking ‘‘we gonna get them without gamba system’’ yes you are, wait your precious years to get them :joy: :joy:



I don’t expect to get them this year now…as they now have to make a unique snowflake system for na/eu

It’s a mindset like yours that promotes these garbage systems in games to begin with.

Nice meanwhile we can get the oldest and shtiest skins of the game xd

If you really can’t see why they decided to remove it then idk what to tell you, removing it for now is a good step for the health of the game in long term. (Dont get me wrong i do want those skins but the Yoz Jar would only make people start RMTing again= more bots. etc)


hahahahahaahahahah it wont be long term they re listing 10% of players who comes here to cry

So we are happy when they listen to feedback only when the one crying is you? but if someone else cry and they listen then thats bad?

Honestly though you do understand it had nothing to do with player feedback why they got removed.

It’s good. I think we have higher chance to get legendary skins that buying off AH for 200k hold per piece

Let’s be real, little to no one would own them.

I think more people care about how skin looks than 1% more damage.

It would be nice if we could get these skins without %boost

As I said in the og post, I consider systematic decisions more important than scheduling decisions. 2 week delays are nothing in hindsight, and skins not coming out for years is just hearsay and speculation. I guess I’m not too bothered by content drought in video games. I’m sorry if you are.

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You can think whatever you like, if thats what you think thats okay, but im glad that they removed it (and im not the only one) I rather see you crying here than seeing the next bot/RMters wave and infinite queues again

Whoa dude you read me wrong.

I have been 100% for the removal.

Like i said brother, if you want to think they removed for X or Y thats meaningless, the point here is that they made a good decision looking at the current state of the game C:

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I’ve criticized AGS a lot for the past few weeks but seriously kudos to them for not allowing another lootbox mechanic into the game, especially one that could potentially generate a lot of money for them.

It could also be a preemptive thing they are doing in preparation for the EU anti-lootbox law. We may never know.


Oh I’m just saying they have other reasons to make this decision beyond just what the players want.

Look at the public reception of how Diablo Immortal came out, EU threatening to pass law to ban all Gacha/Loot Box games, etc… They pulled the plug on Yoz Jar’s here in NA for more than just to make the players happy

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