Yoz's Jar removed for no reason

Why would you remove legendary skins after hyping them for a month??

You could easily fix the p2w aspect by removing the stat buffs? this was such an easy fix yet you remove some of the best skins in the game?

If legendary skins were easy to obtain and everyone had them then they wouldnt mean much at all. The whole point is that their exclusive and you dont look like every other person out there by investing your resources in cosmetics instead of i level.

I get the strength bonus so it can be easily fixed by removing the stats? What if someone really doesnt want to get the skins that are available to everyone with no effort

This was a horrible move and replacing legendary skins with mokoko outfits is some sort of bad april fools joke


In my perspective, players screaming p2w (even though it isn’t), because they cannot easily acquire the legendary skins… So even if they removed the stat buffs… yes, no one can claim p2w anymore, but those same players would still be just as angy because of rng.

So… even if AGS/SG didn’t make the best decision, the players technically asked for this by demanding a better solution. So legendary skins are shelved and may come out if they ever come up with something else.

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i think the gacha part is related to EU Lootbox regulations. not 100% if it’s really the reason but so far that’s the most common reason i’ve seen

then they will always cry about something, what does amazon not want to make money??

They removed them because people complained about the jars and RNG behind getting the costumes.

But I think what people wanted was the RNG jars removed but not the costumes.

But now they’ve removed it all entirely :joy:

It’s definitely AGS being wary of potential upcoming EU regulation on gambling in video games, and nothing to do with it being p2w or not (hint: you can spend way more money to buy way more damage already).

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yea true the system was garbage but the skins are fire and now its unclear if we ever get to see those anytime soon probably not i guess and that is kinda frustrating for me cause i was hyped about the looks

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Yeah same, was really looking forwards to a dyeable bard skin :smiley:

I wanted a nice badass skin for my zerker but all we get now is this

Imagine crying because you can’t spend 1k in lootbox to get a skin

even if it were given free somehow they would stioll find ways to complain about em

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EU Lootbox regulations so don’t cry

if it is that then they should just remove card packs? thats a massive irl money sink