Yoz's Jar System Modification to NA/EU

Im aware that there is plenty of posts on this subject but most of them are only complaining and not giving any real feedback.

Lootboxes are coomon in games and even tho i don’t agree with the lootbox system since is a predatory system and creates addicition, i don’t expect AGS/Smilegate to remove the whole system

I’ve seen some streamers arguing that we shouldn’t complain about Yoz’s Jar gacha system since we alrdy have worst systems in the game alrdy in place and at some point we’ll be able to buy the skins for insane amounts of gold

Most of them are saying u get 10% odds to get a leggo skin every try at the system, thats not exactly the truth, Yoz’s Jar legendary skins are 4 pieces total+ there is 2 colour sets for every class

So the odds of anyone getting a full set(of the same color) trough the system its almost 0%
u have to use the AH and since the odds are so low prices for just one skin are gonna be insane

-NA/EU modification

I think the playerbase would be more welcoming of this new system if we get some kind of pitty system like in honing that way we can aim to the skin we rlly want, and we know we aren’t gambling every single try

Maybe every attempt at the system could get u 2.5% progress to a 100% bar of progress that way after 40 attempts u would be able to get the skin u want

*Pls give real feedback and not just: “dont use the skins if u don’t like them”