Yoz's Jar Vs Card Packs

They’re essentialy the same.

Cards are RNG from a pack, and they give you power, probably even more powerful than Yoz’s jar stats, and that system is currently in game.

How about we introduce them to the game as rewards from the same places cards drop from (islands, quests). This way it will be a progression system in which to collect a legendary set through RNG and through in game methods.

You may also add them to weekly packs and Mari’s shop same as card packs.

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u got a point…

#boycott cardpacks


Yup! Time to get cards removed from the game!

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They should just make these skins available to everybody, a legendary and epic skin cycle the shop every week. I think they would make more money that way than anything. Give us all the awesome skins the game has to offer

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Card pack isn’t the same as Yoz’s Jar because we get events that may give any card pack for legionaries to complete our set. Also I think it was July update we get challenge abyss dungeons that also will help with that as well

Yes the idea is have them drop from the same places Cards drop from. Since both are RNG systems with a pre determined list and both give you power in game.

Nobody has ever gotten LoS 30 awakening through events and farming card islands. You can pretty much only get it if buy every single card pack for weeks / months.

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the other regions get free jars from events to u know

also with crystaline aura they get 1 free a week

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It’s meant to be a many many months grind for this set, me personally not in a rush to finish it but rng is rng after all.

I mean since they are wanted badly by the community, and since they have the same system as cards, let’s apply to jars what they already applied to cards. Islands, quests, aura, events and so on.

Oh didn’t know that

Yes speak the truth.

People who want to call yoz jars as loot box or gamble or buying power don’t realize that those already exist in the damn game.

Loot box/gamble?

rng battle items/cards/rapport/t2-3 gem chests ALL loot box.

Buying power?


cards can get you +7% or MORE power.

Here let me show ya ba ka’s.

So…stop PICKING AND CHOOSING what to be ok with and what NOT to be ok with.

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Yes, as long as they add it to the game as a drop reward they can keep the RNG aspect to it since its already in the game as card packs.

Let’s say there is a 5% chance to drop legendary card from dungeons. I bet it’s lower but let’s be generous.

So every 20 runs you get 1 legendary card. Then you have about 30% chance that the card is LoS card.

For every 60 run you get 1 legendary card that is LoS card.

If we exclude the Wei card you can buy from Wei you need a total of 16x5 copies of the other cards or 80 cards.

You get a Nineveh card for rapport, an Azena card for rapport a Thirain for adventurer’s tome, 1 Shandi from achievment 1 Balthorr from achievment.

So let’s say 75 cards. If you have really good luck and you only get the exact number of copies of each card you need the best case scenario is 4500 raids.

Sure you’ll get a selection pack every now and then and luck out with card packs and event but boy you’re not getting that 30 awakening just by playing the game I can tell you.

By the time you can have it as a F2P you could pretty much buy every single legendary skin for all your alts.

You can farm legendary cards from abyss dungeons and upcoming challenge abyss will have card packs as their reward.


Yes, let’s add Yoz’s Jar to the loot pool :3
The idea here is that they said that they’re concerned about RNG lootboxes giving power. Well, cards are RNG lootboxes that give power and are in game. Same concept.

Why do people want everything handed to f2p for free and easy? LOS 30 is massive grind and no one should expect LOS 30 for free. P2W element don’t even work all that well in cards, I’ve been buying every card pack since launch and abyss dungeon gave me more LOS than card packs from mari shop. You want it? Either farm abyss dungeon up or buy the card packs.


Yes it a very long term goal to maximize your power. I am suggesting we get the same system for the Jar, this way I will play the game to farm the legendary set same as I do with the cards, and I will get the beautiful skin, the stat power, and it will be a long term goal to get the matching set for my characters :3

This isn’t a buy to play/subscription game.

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Who said that? I’m buying the card packs too you know have no problems with it. I just laid out the maths behind “grinding it” and was replying to a completely different poster. No thanks I’ll just buy the packs instead of giving myself brain damage by running the T1 abyssals 100000 times.