Yoz's jar VS Growth Support Packs

So… people complain about Yoz’s jar but not the growth support packs (and even asked for it) ?

Let me recap :

  • On one side, we have something that you can buy for blue crystals (meaning you can buy it as a F2P), giving you skins (some of the best, but not something that gives you a big advantage in game statwise). It’s totally ruled by RNG… like everything else in the game (honing, collectibles droprates, etc) but not as frustrating to get as you could buy those in the market anyway. And people who don’t like those skins or don’t feel like the price is worth it could pass > people complain.

  • On the other side, we have materials (mandatory to get stronger) for royal crystals (not F2P friendly) and with a very low price compared to what you will get (which kinda “forces” you to buy it). > people support it. We will get TWO growth support packs in the next patch.

And recently, we had an official communication stating : “It’s always our goal for in-game purchases to be (and feel) optional”…

Is there anything else to add ? People want P2W, but don’t want some gatcha mechanics in a game where RNG is already everywhere ? Am I the only one choked ?


This community is dumb and really doesn’t understand where the game is heading
esther/bracelets and pheons will beat them into submission
also i love how we went from “make it F2P friendly!!” to “WE WANT P2W IN STORE NOW”


Well to be fair, you don’t have to go through a lootbox, you just purchase the product and thats it.

Lol, comparing apples to oranges. You dont have to buy the packs, they arn’t required just like the rest of the store isn’t required either. Hell they are even barely worth it since they got nerfed and you can only buy 1.


Of course you can only buy one pack, imagine if you could buy more ! The market prices would be dropping like crazy… Yes you don’t “have to”, but the prices are so abysmally low compared to the market that you “should” buy those.

But what choked me the most is the reaction of the communauty. How can they riot against the Yoz’s jar but accept wholeheartly the growth packs ?

1st Growth Pack (500 royals [1470 gold @700])
1000 Destruction Crystals [~1700]
2400 Guardian Crystals [~1700g]
15000 Honor Shards [~3000g]
6400g value

Punika Pack (1000 Royals [2941 Gold @700])
25 GHLs [~1500g]
200000 Silver
50 Basic Fusion Mats [~375g]
1000 Destruction Stones [~1700g]
3000 Guardian Stones [~2100g]
15000 Honor Shards [~3000g]
8675g value.

I.e its not saving much over just buying normally.

This is not the case at all in other regions and we have no indication that it would’ve been implemented in such a manner for us but i do enjoy people parroting this unprovable statement ~

Those pheons add up real quick when you tryina get that 7/7 stone

Yep, now just wait till you have to pay 25 a pop to reroll stats on a bracelet


More like people complain about anything when it’s a box. They could literally make a system more p2w than life and people would praise it but as soon as it even remotely looks similar to a box they’ll start having aneurysms.

i dont get it why everyone crys about the skin is p2w but think this growth pack is not…
now i cant get the skin for my soulfist and need to wait how the fck long to get a decent skin…

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:sob: the soulfist one looked so good too

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Well if I buy a Yoz Jar kit with my money will I receive the product that I paid for? The skin?

No. Thats where it lies the issue. If Yoz Jar was just a fancy name for Legendary skins, hey buy it for 100 usd and be happy, no one would bat an eye. You pay and you receive the product there is no gotcha you sucker mechanics.


You could just buy the skin from the auction house no?

is it gambling or no

The whole game is rng, not sure what ur trying to say here. Ur not guaranteed cards from card packs, or quality from quality upgrades, etc

But but that’s different


Both are trash.

Do I have to swipe to acquire cards? No. Do I have to swipe to upgrade my gear? No. Do I have to swipe to acquire quality for my gear? No.

Do we need to have a sucker in the equation in order for a skin to reach the AH? Yes.