Yoz's jar VS Growth Support Packs

I mean seriously. You expect a free 2 play game to not have any p2w element? How old are you?

Even if most of the store items can be obtained by blue crystal, you will have to sacrifice your f2p weekly earning for them, hence fall behind on progression.

Ppl who pay for items/cosmetics are the ones keep the game alive. I’m so tired of the whining f2p babies who wants everything without paying a dime.

It’s 2022, please wake up.

I mean who cares at this point, we’re already playing less of a game than we expected, if you still have any expectation left it’s your fault.

Buying the skins from the auction house? obviously not

I think you just played yourself

Do you need to swipe to acquire yoz jars skins? NO!


You see you have to gamble on whether or not you’ll wake up on that day or whether or not the servers will be live or if the ah will open and the game won’t crash and that your pc won’t explode

Oh with the limited supply of skins with the cost of blue crystals in the store?

Are you special my dear? You need to break skins in order to roll your jar

Where did those skins come from?

Limited he says
Have you seen the amount people whale in the EU/NA? its another level

You could also buy all these mats in the auction house too?
But why do these mats not have a option to be obtained through a gambling box?

I’m sure the being able to buy from the auction house is not the issue nor is it even relevant.

I’m not defending the gambling box
You can chose to engage with it
Or you can buy it for gold on the auction

U can buy legendary skins from AH or using blue gems. So u dont have to swipe for that either

Well I’m biased being SA, but with our current blue crystal stock we won’t see a complete skin for a long while.

How much is a legendary skin?

Or the company can outright restructure it to be more consumer friendly. It’s funny that they got a backlash for it.

Sounds like you should be complaining to SG/Amazon about regional pricing

Less than a lvl 10 gem

Sir, the difference is I can buy the Growth boxes, but my job at Walmart won’t allow me to acquire Legendary skins immediately on release. Thus lootboxes are incredibly predatory and raping my wallet.

In order the legendary skin to reach the AH someone needs to gamble and the amount of gamble through blue crystal is limited through server stock and the amount of blue crystal skins available per roster so you can’t brute force through gold only with the current odds you will reach the RC gambling if you wanna finish the product.

Like I said Mr 4head

you said if you needed to swipe for it.

And the answer is simple NO.

You can easily roll via gold to crystal conversion

And you can buy it in the auction if you don’t wanna roll.

So you played yourself…you don’t have to spend a dime.

get rekt

Already explained above if you wanna be special, go ahead to the ignore list with you caveman.