ZAAAYM! Really AGS? haha

Man, its really hard to defend you guys. IDK its been 1 year, like seriously?
its just comedy at this point. I cant wait how you guys run TL and Blueprotocol. lmao


TL is ncsoft not ags so the game is dead before release due to absurd monster p2w elements.


Feel really bad for any MMO AGS gets their dirty hands on right now. It’s been over a year and they still can’t get this shit straightened out. I know they’re mostly diversities hires, but damn at least run the test earlier.


NCsoft may be dogshite for p2w elements, but you cant deny that they make a beautiful game. Well most Korean does. anyways I think AGS gonna minimize that for western release, but I’m 100% sure they just gonna trim the p2w not remove entirely.

also SG is p2w company too y’all forgot, Crossfire is heavily p2w so does KR Lost Ark.

Ags publisher of tl and blue protocol not nc soft or bandai

Its my first time to see a company that test a patch the same day they gonna release a new one. hahaha absolute bonkers.

TL can’t be any worse since its a NCSOFT game so doesn’t mater who is the publisher

agree, but with AGS its over 9000 :rofl: :joy:

Not even the same day. They released the patch notes earlier, so it means they just started testing 6-12 hrs before maintenance.

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Guess I will play the Japanese blue protocol servers, high ping or not, here I go!!!

jesus christ.

tyvm jeff bezos

T&L = pvp+p2w = meh
Blue protocol = genshin impact = mediocre battles = meh
LA = best raids + fun + hard + not focused on pvp + few/meh p2w elements = well alrighty!

Wdym “can’t” be worse? NCsoft is literally the worst when it comes to egregious p2w trash

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Well they were Anakin for GW2 then they went full-on Darth for later releases!

Blueprotocol looks so bad. Lol how can people be excited for that anime crap. TL I will be trying though, but looks like a lot of pvp which I will enjoy.

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Man, that’s what we called preferences. Legend of Zelda, Genshin normalize that visuals and some people likes it. Like what asmond says, It is what it is. :smiley:

Pst its not Jeff Bezos and hasn’t been for quite some time.

Lol, people still watch Asmondbaby? Literally just cries over every game.

sarcasm sir