Zerker in PvP solo que?

So is this class not recommended for solo que? I know that there’s obviously some people that are high ranked with it, but it just feels awful getting hard cc’d through stagger immunity by sorcs/artillerists. I like playing aggressive but I realize how predictable the dashes are. I’d imagine in tourneys and such where you can synergize a comp it’s fine but most of the time if im trying to chase people it’s very easy to run away, and if I try to peel sword storm is too slow. I realize im not the best player but I have around 100 games on zerker and feel somewhat help back. Again I realize im also not the best player but I tend to do most damage/help my team when I can, but im kind of just struggling at the moment. Are there any other classes that do the zerkers job better for solo que?

PvP is horribly balanced in its current state.

If you’re not S tier you’re basically F Tier.

I stopped counting the times where I press a button > it goes on cooldown and I was stopped before the animation started/finished hitting with Scrapper, or the times where you’re in the air and get hard CC’d/Frozen/Shocked before you land.

Zerker is definitely not an all in aggressive class, you need to frequently jump into and out of battle and wait for your cooldowns before making any sort of engages. They’re incredibly strong if played properly but it is sort of a team orientated class as well so if you get placed in a shitty group, winning will be incredibly difficult.

It’s incredibly hard to do well as the team compositions are usually RNG at the moment which makes the class incredibly frustrating to play.

dont worry, you are learning about every class against him, i have a friend with a lot of hours in pvp with zerk and he know when go in, and when go out, how to fight against some class and who is new or have low experience fighting vs zerk, you will learn with a lot of hours, but is a good class to fight, when i fight with a zerk together and he is going to attack i cover him and try to evite combo attack against him, is just practice in this game pvp

Hey there! Current zerker player (till some of the unreleased classes come out and it becomes an alt) Zerker is a really interesting character. Throughout our time in PvE, we’ve embraced mayhem and the perks it comes with. We are faster, stronger, and care less in mayhem than outside of it. This is not an option we have in PvP which means we have to think hard about when we want to go in. Zerker has big dmg, high CDs, and is very prone to being kited. You have to play him basically as an assassin rather than a brawler. If you start missing abilities, just pull back and don’t fall for the bait.

You could also run the chain shoulder charges to make your engages a little less predictable. Also mountain crash is a very dicey move, if it lands the earthquake effect then that’s great but don’t try to combo start with it against smarter players. The windup for the stomp to occur is quite long and you’ll just get.
A) Headbutted (stun) by a DB.
B) Ice/Lightning/Crystal smacked by a sorc from across the arena
C) The striker is currently turning you into salad
D) Ah there’s the sharpshoot- where he go?
E) Literally any move in the game

Enjoying zerker in pvp takes practice and time, I have a sorc alt now.