Zinnervale EUC Lost Boomers

Region: EU Central.

Server: Zinnervale.

Language: English.

About us:

We are a day one guild, we are a level 16 with level 5 guild shop and 3 alts guilds. We have around 50 active players with around 10 ppl chilling together in discord throughout the day. The majority of our members are in T3 and clearing alot of argos runs each week. We’ve completed all group content currently we are doing 2 full vykas hm runs and also completed hard mode week 1. We have a healthy mix of all ages from mid 20’s and up. We have a discord full of useful information and tools, merchant alerts, LFG bots, loads of guides, tips and more. We have also got 3 alts guilds 2 of which have level 5 guild shop with a in game global chat we use as a guild chat to communicate across all 4 guilds.

Currently we are 51/62 members after a inactive purge.

What we’re looking for:

  • We are mainly looking for more people who are willing to integrate socially, chill on discord, be part of the community - this is more important than what tier you are in for us.

  • Be mature, we don’t care about your age just be chill and don’t cause drama.

  • Active members that actually enjoy the game and enjoy chilling on discord talking shit like ye ol days!

What we do:

  • We have groups forming all the time for all the content the game has to offer, from guardian raids to abyss dungeons to maps and more.

  • Our goal going forward is to form static groups for the raid content we are especially looking for peaple in T3 and supports.


  • Join the Discord at the link below and write us a short introduction about yourself and we will take it from there or msg me on discord at Rapiid#7067


I would like to join, but cant dm you on disc.