Zinnervale full of bots

no wonder we have 20k queue time when the server is full of boting. Nice anticheat system amazon

on every single server is more and more bots everyday. in few days
from now there will be more bots than players…UE Central every single sever is busy from 8-9 AM… its amazing how low can be support from one of the biggest company in the entire planet. its shame and unprofessiolna in every possible way.

tbh support for this game sucks.

they reduced server capacity. no way the amounts of bots increaded that much in 1 day haha

go watch some posts…servers are literally flooded by bots.

few days from launch and you can buy gold everywhere outside of the game.
but what we can do? nothing they cant manage queue on they own srvers so there is no way they do something with bots. thechnology used here is 10 years old…

so? queue increased because of lower server capacity