šŸ‡ŖšŸ‡ŗ Zinnervale: Halfway Crooks[Lv5] - PvP & PvE guild need members!

Good day! :smiley:

Halfway Crooks are looking for more members to the guild.
We do all content ingame and looking for people that are social and active.

We do have a discord that is up and running but we would like more to join!
The discord link is in the guild ingame.
The discord is running with a /LFG bot that makes it easy to play with the guild.

We want:

  1. Create weekly PvP guild tournaments with prices.
  2. Get everyone from the guild into the discord so that we can push PvE content together!
  3. Have fun :smile:

We also have a alt guild for our members.
Current members 30/38
How to join us? Search for the guild ingame and we let you in. Or write in this thread :smiley:
In game, Kniven

Bump :heart_eyes:

Hey, Iā€™m interested in joining your guild, I just left my older one but have a cd of 7d.
'Till then! :smiley:

And how many alts do you accept?



Happy to hear!

We dont really want the main guild to be bunch of alts, altough we have a secondary guild called Halfway Mugs for all of the members alts!

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Hey, can I join Halway Mugs with my alts before joining Halway Crooks with my atm main (Iā€™m waiting Lance Master/Arcana to decide) which will take me a cd of 1 week?
I have 2 alts ready for Halfway Mugs, and 1 in 3 days, so I searched but I need a password to enter.

Can you add me on discord via PM please to look into that? Many thanks. ^^

Sure man!
Add Ollsen#0702