Zooming In Freeze

So basically the last 3 times I tried zooming in on my character the game completely froze and disconnected after a few seconds (Cannot connect to game server error)

One of those times I was at an adventure island and since the game decides to close entirely if it stops responding for even a split second and also takes at least 2 minutes to reopen, I couldn’t be back in time and missed the event.
(That part is only relevant to show that I’m frustrated by this).

So… Anyone knows why this happens? and how to fix it?
Everything else is completely normal by the way.

Hmm, not seen freezes specific to zooming, but there have been issues recently with EAC.

You can try a clean install of Easy Anti Cheat, as well as verifying your game files on steam.

Furthermore there should be some performance tweaks coming soon, not sure on the specific timing but that might help!

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